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When I first started homeschooling I was reluctant to purchase a complete curriculum because my son was much higher than grade level for reading and math, but not for writing. I wouldn't have been sure what grade level to purchase and didn't want to waste money.

Since then I have realized that a complete curriculum would not fit my personality to change things and personalize my children's education. I know I would end up adapting things, so why pay for something that I will end up changing any way?

A2 Accelerated Achievement

I came across A2 Accelerated Achievement, which is a K-12 curriculum. I liked the idea that the foundation is built on reading classic books and learning the basics well - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. I was also attracted to the idea of developing self-directed learners. I requested the sample disk before purchasing the full-version, which allows you to see most of the contents of the full-version, but you can't print anything. I use parts of it and supplement with other things that work for my children. Some people just use A2 and the library as their complete curriculum.

An Old-Fashioned Education

Since finding A2, I also came across a site with a complete curriculum similar in philosophy to A2 for free! It is An Old Fashioned Education. For those that like a little more structure or guidance in what your children should be completing each week, it even has a 40 week schedule for each grade level.




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